About Us

About Us
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Welcome to Past and Present Diets, where our international team of experts embarks on a journey to unravel the rich tapestry of global culinary heritage.

At the core of our belief is the idea that food is more than just nourishment—it’s a cultural story, a trip through time, and a fascinating source of learning. Our dedicated team share a common passion for food, but what sets us apart is our commitment to providing accessible and informative content. Past and Present Diets acts as a guide to culinary knowledge, exploring the interesting intersections of history, culture, and nutrition. Join us as we explore the diverse landscapes of culinary history and nutrition.

We’re not bloggers; we’re educators, curators of knowledge, and enthusiasts on a shared mission to uncover the secrets and stories behind the world’s diets.

Meet our frequent contributors.

Richard Thompson – United States

Meet Richard Thompson, a seasoned gastronomic explorer hailing from the heart of the United States. With years of wisdom and a palate refined through years of culinary curiosity, Richard brings a wealth of experience to Past and Present Diets. His articles seamlessly blend historical context with modern nutritional insights, making him a go-to source for understanding the diverse tapestry of global diets.

Amelia Harper – New Zealand

Amelia Harper is your guide to the diverse diets of Oceania and beyond. Amelia’s passion for exploring global food trends, including veganism and keto, brings a fresh and contemporary perspective to Past and Present Diets. Her articles are a blend of local insights and a global outlook, making her a valuable asset to the platform.

Isabella Rodriguez – Venezuela

Isabella Rodriguez, a culinary storyteller from the vibrant landscapes of South America, brings a seasoned touch to Past and Present Diets. Her deep-rooted connection to traditional South American diets adds a unique perspective to the platform. Isabella’s articles are a delightful blend of nostalgia and innovation, offering readers a taste of the diverse culinary heritage of her homeland.

Mei Lin – South Korea

Mei Lin, our vibrant Asian culinary expert, is a passionate advocate for the rich traditions and flavours of her heritage. At 35, she is a seasoned food enthusiast with a knack for demystifying the intricacies of Asian diets. Mei’s articles reflect not only her cultural roots but also a contemporary approach to global food trends, making her an invaluable contributor to Past and Present Diets.

Oliver Bennett – British

Oliver Bennett infuses a touch of sophistication into the culinary narratives of Past and Present Diets. With a penchant for unravelling the history behind classic British diets, Oliver’s articles are a journey through time, exploring the evolution of tastes and trends. His expertise adds a distinctively British flavour to the platform.